Further Insights On the Frugality of L Brands Clerks

I still haven’t stopped wondering why L Brands clerks tend to be so frugal. In the last blog post, I mentioned that I have had a succession of neighbors who happened to be working (as clerks) at the local L Brands store. The local L Brands store is just a few blocks from our apartment, hence the reason why I tend to end with L Brands clerks for neighbors.

Now I can report that last week, I actually took the trouble to talk to a L Brands clerk on the subject of frugality. I wanted to know — straight from the horse’s mouth — why L Brands clerks tend to be so frugal. Of course, I couldn’t just directly pose the question as to ‘why are you, L Brands clerks, always so frugal’.  I had to broach the subject tactfully…

So, while enjoying a cup of coffee with the said L Brands clerk (at an outdoor cafe), a homeless man happened to pass close by. I then asked the L Brands clerk why, in his view, the man was in that predicament. And that is how we launched into a discussion on financial discipline, work ethic and mental health. The clerk was of the view that homelessness is a manifestation of systemic poverty and mental health issues. But he was also quick to point out that there are some cases of poverty that are attributable to lack of financial literacy…

In the course of our discussion, I came to understand that the L Brands clerks (who obtain their work schedules from the portal discussed at www.associateresourcesetm.com) are apparently put through financial literacy programs. The clerk didn’t state this outright, but from our discussion, I gathered that the L Brands clerks are put through some sort of financial literacy training, either as part of their orientation, or as part of their ongoing training. If that is indeed true, then it would explain why the L Brands clerks tend to be so frugal, with a great deal of financial discipline.

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