Why are L Brands Clerks So Frugal?

In the last 5 years, I have had 3 neighbors who all happened to be clerks at L Brands. Two of them were men, all in their early 20s and the third one (who moved out just a couple of weeks ago) was a lady, also apparently in her early 20s. The apartment block I live in is very close to the local L Brands store, hence the reason why some of my neighbors tend to be L Brands clerks.

One thing I have noticed about the L Brands clerks who have been my neighbors is that they are all very frugal. For instance, none of the 3 L Brands neighbors I have had possessed a car – in spite of the fact that their earnings would probably have allowed them to be driving around. They all relied on public transport, often at a great inconvenience to themselves.

I also noticed that they were the sorts of individuals who would head straight home from work. Even during the weekends, they didn’t seem to like going out. They would stay at home, streaming movies and playing music on repeat mode.

Out of idle curiosity, I found myself trying to develop theories to explain why the L Brands clerks (at least the 3 who have been my neighbors) were so frugal.

I theorized that it could be due to the fact that they were young adults, just getting started in life (and who as such were trying to save as much money as possible so as to have a head-start).

Or it could be that the work they were doing at L Brands was so intensive that they couldn’t afford to waste the hard-earned cash on frivolities? (Indeed, I once heard two of them saying that although the paychecks they were getting through the lbrands aces portal were decent, they just couldn’t afford to waste the money, given how hard they had worked for it.

At yet another level, it could just be that the L Brands clerks hiring process is biased in favor of individuals with traits that make them frugal.

Or, come to think of it, perhaps the 3 L Brands clerks who have been my neighbors are not a representative sample of all L Brands clerks – they are too small a sample.

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